Holiday Shopping Tip of the Day

Know the Deals. It’s important to know what’s out there, whether you’re shopping online or  standing in line at the mall. Sales, coupons are all good and I use them myself. You don’t want to find yourself buying something and then finding out you could have saved 50% by shopping elsewhere. In fashion, the best deals are often found in “The Look for Less”. We’ve all seen segments on television where a high end look is translated into something affordable and often it’s hard to tell the difference.

Here’s a good one:  Check out these bracelets.

Juicy Couture Multi-Chain Bracelet   $88   it’s trendy, it’s spot on. It’s $88.   Unless you have a coupon or shop on one of those special sale days, that’s the price.  Period.

Untitled design.png

Fashion Scene Bracelet from Jewels By Park Lane. Trendy, spot on.  $69.   Would like like to buy this at 50% off any day at all 24/7?  Here’s how:   select any 2 items and pay full price as long as you spend a total of $30.  We have scads and scads of earrings, for example, that run $20 – some less.  Pick 2 items, spend $30-40.   Now you can select up to FOUR pieces at any price point and pay 50% on each piece. Using our above example, you purchase 2 pair of earrings ($16 + $20) and spend $36 total.   Now the bracelet can be yours 50% off,  $34.50.   Now your total is $70.50 for THREE pieces of jewelry PLUS you have the option of buying 3 more pieces at 50% off, NO MATTER WHAT THE PRICE POINT IS.   That’s the deal.   365 days a year.   24/7

You decide how much to spend,   You decide how many pieces you want.  Know the deal. Then decide.  Can I help you pick out a few pieces?


Chocolate Pearls

Don’t you love the change of season? The heat has broken and now the cooler weather is coming in. Almost hot chocolate weather. Time to pull out jackets, put away capris and cram my feet back into real shoes. Today I was so excited to find that a pair of my jeans actually fit really well today!! What a victory – – last year I was holding my breath and squeezing in. Now they fit great. I always feel put together when I wear pearls. Fall is a great time to try out the earthy chocolate brown pearls available. Try a choker with jeans and a jacket – – big brown faux pearl earrings bring it all on. Great for running errands, meeting friends and just looking wonderful. It’s like wear chocolate – -without the guilt. Brown pearls, give them a go.

Chocolate Pearls

Three is the Magic Number

3Average number of days it takes to plan a Girls Night Out.   That’s all, just 3 days.   Usually it involves 2 emails, 1 Facebook post, 4 phone calls and sometimes a text message (tweet if you are so inclined!).     And to make it even easier, I can handle the e-mails for you.

Three is also a great number of girlfriends to gather for the Girls Night Out.    We don’t even need to gather at your home.   Imagine you and your 3 best gal pals meeting with me at your favorite restaurant for drinks and appetizers (or coffee shop).    I’ll bring 3 rolls of jewelry.   You and your girls can try on jewelry, do your shopping for all the women (and men) on your list and still have time for dessert.    What could be easier?    Let’s pick a date and let the bling times roll!

Organizing Tips for Your Jewelry

Let’s talk about our jewelry.   More specifically, where do you  find it?   I’m not asking about your favorite store, designer, party plan or crafter.  Once you have your jewelry and wear your jewelry, when you take it off — where do you put it?  Nightstand?   Dresser?   Basket?

Time to think outside the box…the jewelry box that is.   I, like you, have a beautiful jewelry box that my husband give me which I adore.   I keep many of the treasures he has gifted me over the years in this velvet-lined box.   It’s that one item I’d probably grab if I had to make a quick get-away from our home.   My collection of fine fashion jewelry, especially the necklaces need a different solution.  You want to keep your necklaces tangle-free and easily accessable.

Take a look around your home.   When I did, I found quite a few pieces of wrought iron collectables that made organizing necklaces easy and decorative.  A plate hanger (either horizontal or vertical) can store a lot of hanging necklaces.   A horizontal one can give your headboard a stylish twist when hung above your bed.  Gives new meaning to putting a little sparkle in your romance, doesn’t it?   Decorative 3 or 4 prong utility hangers are a great alternative and give you the flexibility of  creating a collage effect.

A stand-alone  hand-towel holder can keep shorter necklaces in check while a decorative paper towel holder hung horizontally is excellent for longer pieces.   I like using the snap circular closers to attach the necklace to the bar.  It keeps the necklace from sliding off the bar and is very easy to remove.

Use resin pieces such as angels, animals or other statue objects to display favorite necklaces.   I have an angel that looks so decked out in my bling.   Craft stores often feature trees that can be used to hang holiday ornaments and can work as well.   If you’re a bit more creative you can create your own tree with interesting bare branches from your yard.

When you take a look around, I know you’ll find many creative ways to keep your jewelry organized and easy to find right at your fingertips.   I’ll have more ideas to share in future blogs.   Please feel free to share your own ideas and send photos too!

Five Favorite Jewelry Tips

1.  How do you untangle a snarled jewelry chain?   Sprinkle a little talcum powder on the knot,  Slowly work the knot and pull apart.   If the chain is extra fine, use two straight pins to separate the links in the knot.

2.  The one jewelry item that does the most for your appearance is a pair of earrings.  They add sparkle to your eyes and brightness to your complexion.  They lift and frame your face.  Whether you are dressed extremely casual or dressed to thrill, without earrings, you do not look “finished.”

3.  Easy diet.   Wearing a long length chain, necklace or pearls instantly makes you look thinner.  The vertical center line draws the eye up and down instead of emphasizing fullness or width.

4.  Place an empty ice cube tray in your dresser or vanity drawer.  It’s a great way to store earring backs, stabilizers, tiny earrings, extenders, Magic Magnets, and Snap rings.

5.  A bracelet can be attached to the ends of a necklace with the same type of clasp to extend it and fashion a longer chain,.   Hide the ends/clasps under the back of the collar.


6.  Pearls are perfect.   The luminous lustrous glow of pearls make them universally flattering to every skintone.   They are classic, feminine and always in good taste.  Every fashion-conscious woman should build a wadrobe of pearls from choker and studs to long and lean strands and all lengths in-between.

Making a Good First Impression

If you’re looking for a new job (or your first job) you already know this is a challenging job market.   That makes it even more important to make a good first impression when you do get that face-to-face interview.     You can stand out from the crowd of applicants by choosing a simple fitted dress in an attention-grabbing color.   Red is a perfect color to choose and there is a shade perfect for everyone.   Pick a simple neckline and make certain that the fit is perfect, even if you need to have it altered (men always have their clothes tailored).   I always need to adjust the hemline of slacks and dresses.   We are not all the same height so why do we think we can buy everything off the rack without any adjustments at all?   To make your legs look longer and leaner stick to nude hose and opt for nude pumps.    There are so many chic and stunning styles out now in colors called champagne, nude, taupe, beige and they are hot this season.   You’ll look super sophisticated because they do not fight for attention.

Accessorizing for that first meeting – – stick with the “less is more” rule.   Your dress is your statement piece today,  bring your attention to your face by wearing simple hoops like Swirl which have just a hint of sparkle.

Copy of Effortless Style

Avoid charm bracelets and multiple bangles for the interview – – too noisy.   Instead, opt for a statement bracelet like Cosmo and an eye-catching ring like New Moon worn on your right hand.   Another option is to go with classic marcasite in matching earrings, bracelet and small pendant as in the Desire  or Cabaret collections.

You’ll look confident and polished.   Nervous about the interview?  That’s normal, but here’s a surprise:  the person conducting the question-and-answer session may be just as anxious!  You can use that to your advantage.   By being friendly and listening closely you can put your interviewer at ease which can be key to you getting the job.  By making your potential employer more comfortable, you’re showing that you are a team player who will be a joy to work with.

You can view more photos of jewelry mentioned by visiting my website: and view the items in the the Shop with Me catalog of products.

Jewelry Box Raid

In retailing, July is a month of deep discounts.   Right now, you can find in season summer merchandise drastically marked down to make way for the upcoming fall season.  Being the good shopper that I am and knowing that I have my company’s convention to attend at the end of the month,  I set out to see what I could find.   Armed with additional coupons I received from my favorite stores (a bonus for having a store card, Facebook Page or by joining a mailing list) I began looking for “the dress”.  It didn’t take long for me to find 4 dresses, each lovely and deeply marked down.   I decided on this electric blue shift with the gun-metal neckline trim.   I just love the color.   This dress made me feel successful and I saved over 70%.

Great Dress and big savings to boot!

Next decision, shoes.  I had nothing in my closet that would work and I have a bit of a challenge – I can really only wear low-heeled or flat shoes (balance issues).   So off to the shoe stores where I went a bit out on a limb for me and purchased these very trendy gladiator sandals.  Love the way they accent the neckline.   The shoes are a bit outside my usual comfort zone, but hey success doesn’t come without change so style steppin’ I go.

Jewelry Box Raid

Now, I have the dress and the shoes, so how will I accessorize this ensemble?   Embellished necklines have become quite popular lately — something I haven’t tried yet.   I always wonder about laundering clothing that already has jewelry attached and it’s so much harder to change the “look” of the outfit if it is already “accessorized”.    Decisions, decisions.   I’ve decided to add my focus to BRACELETS.   I’ve added this cascade of shimmering grey faux pearls clustered with faceted aurora borealis beads with this ultra glam Fashionista bracelet.  Ultra glam, indeed, I am going with TWO bracelets.   Coordinating pearl tassel drop earrings will take me center stage for all the awards of the evening.    I’ll be I’ll look fabulous when they announce the winner(s) of the new car!   (pick me, pick me).   I am also going to bling up my other wrist with 2 more glittering channel-set CZ bracelets and complimenting ring.    Now, I feel ready and set to go, because I can’t succeed without my SHINE!

Jewelry Box Riad